The earth, a creature

What is the origine of the earth?

Unlike some coarse and misleading theories, know that the earth was created by God. It is neither the result of chance, nor a Big Bang (Genesis 1: 1). Given its complexity, balance and architecture, there certainly has superhuman intelligence that could put all these things in place. If there was a chance he would necessarily errors somewhere. Indeed, chance or a big bang can not give consistent results, about million plant, animal species and the entire ecosystem, both. The probability that everything perfect shot by chance is zero. Therefore, every man is called to pay tribute and to honor God every day (Matthew 22:37). Those who deny its existence and live as they wish will make him accountable for all their evil deeds.


                 La terre entre les main de dieu

Is the end of the world a reality

First, it is important to note that the world in which we are is the earth. So understand that the end of the world does not mean the end of life. Remember that the earth was created by God. There is one thing you should not ignore. Is that everything that is produced can be destroyed. Know now that the land is expected to disappear because it will be destroyed by God one day. The Bible says, in effect, that the heavens and earth are kept for fire and destruction of ungodly men (2 Peter 3: 7). Indeed, God has prepared a new heaven and a new earth in heaven (Apocalypse 21: 1). But if a new is that the former has limitations or imperfections and the new is better. Regarding the earth, it was in very good original (Genesis 1:31), but it had limitations. She was corruptible and limited by the constraints of space and time, in contrast to Heaven which is incorruptible, not limited in space and whose concept of time is almost nonexistent. This is another principle called eternity. Also, from Adam to us, the earth was corrupt, because of our sin (Romans 5: 12-14). In consequence, our world is faced with many issues of afflictions such as hunger, disease, death, war, etc. (Genesis 3:17). So break it to be destroyed. However, those who remain separated from God will know the fate of the earth, only that they will experience eternal suffering (Apocalypse 20: 11-15; Mark 9: 44-48)). So if you live in sin, repent and believe the gospel.


                                   Terre en feu

Last edited: 20/12/2016